• Firmware update requires Windows laptop with WiFi.
  • Place the laptop within 6 ft of the iLIFT ECU.
  • Plug the laptop in to power to prevent it from powering down during this process.
  • Download current firmware (current version 1337).

Firmware & Web App Update

  • Download and save the zip file to your desktop (the file may be in your browser’s “downloads” folder).
  • Right click, and click Extract Here.
  • A folder named “webapp” will be created on the desktop.

  • Turn the vehicle ignition on (engine not running) to power on the iLIFT ECU.
  • Turn headlights and other accessories off to prevent battery drain of your vehicle’s battery.
  • Open wifi settings and connect to the SSID “iLIFT-XXXX” where “XXXX” is the serial number of your ECU. If you do not see a iLIFT-XXXX SSID, or see “ilift” with out a serial number – turn off the vehicle’s ignition power, turn it back on, and check again. Note that you will not be able to browse the internet during this process.
  • The default SSID password is “ABCDEFGH”. If the password has been changed by the owner, enter this password.
  • Open browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge recommended).
  • Browse to as shown.

Note: if your laptop will not connect to the iLIFT ECU, try to position the laptop closer or forget and reconnect to the iLIFT SSID. If the laptop will not connect, it may be due to a security policy of Windows, and require a manual update (contact iLIFT for assistance).

  • Click System Utilities.

  • Click File Uploader on the System Utilities page.

  • Click Browse…

  • Browse to the folder on your desktop. Find the “uploads” folder.
  • Select both files in the uploads folder by folding down shift and clicking each.
  • With both highlighted as shown, click Open.

  • This process will take 15-20 minutes, depending on the firmware update size.
  • When complete, you will get a message that the file transfer is complete as shown.