The iLIFT system provides up to 2.5” of lift in under 1-2 seconds (depending on the vehicle’s suspension travel & weight).

The iLIFT Suspension Lift System is designed with compact components that can be adapted to most vehicles and most suspensions.

There are four important considerations regarding the fitment of your suspension with the iLIFT Suspension Lift System to determine compatibility. Click here for more details on these important considerations before purchasing.

Due to the compact and efficient components used in the iLIFT Suspension Lift System, a complete iLIFT system can weigh as little as 16 lbs for a front axle lift system.

The iLIFT Suspension Lift System is available as an Application-Specific System or as a Universal System. Application-Specific Systems are designed for your specific vehicle and suspension. They may include custom application-specific component mounting, suspension components, and custom ECU programming for your vehicle. Universal Systems are available with universal mounting brackets and components designed to be adapted to applications where we do not offer an Application-Specific System.

Interested in iLIFT developing an application-specific fitment for your vehicle? Please contact us.

The automatic iLIFT system utilizes sensors under the vehicle to monitor ground clearance and automatically raise the vehicle without a driver’s input. An automatic system can also be activated manually by the driver. A manual iLIFT system requires the drivers to press a button to raise the vehicle; the car can be configured so the driver can use the vehicles existing cruise control buttons or a dedicated aftermarket switch. All iLIFT Systems include automatic lowering when the vehicle exceeds a pre-determined speed.

An iLIFT system with front actuators is ideal for vehicles where most of the damage from obstacles can affect the front bumper or front lip.

An iLIFT system with front and rear actuators is more versatile than a front only system. A front and rear system will raise the center of the vehicle more than a front only system. This is beneficial for vehicles that are low to prevent damage not only to front components – but also to the center undercarriage or side rocker panels and also to protect the rear items such as tail pipes and diffusers.

The iLIFT ECU features wireless configuration. This allows easy configuration and customization of your iLIFT Suspension Lift System. More more information about configuring the iLIFT ECU, click here.

Intelligence. The iLIFT Suspension Lift System incorporates a number of innovative features found on no other lift systems, including:

1) Intelligent ECU – Sophisticated Electronic Control Unit constantly monitors system parameters including system pressures, vehicle speed, and vehicle ground clearance with optional sensors. Environmentally sealed enclosure means the ECU can be mounted in or outside the cabin.

2) Wireless configuration – using a smart phone or laptop, the iLIFT System can easily be configured for your vehicle.

3) High performance – Featuring patented actuator & seal technology – the iLIFT Suspension Lift System lifts your car faster with smaller more compact components compared to any other system on the market. In addition, the iLIFT Suspension Lift System preserves the high performance characteristics of your vehicle’s suspension. No airbag springs are used.

4) Automated Sensors – The available patented iLIFT Automated Sensors allows the iLIFT Suspension Lift System to automatically lift your vehicle when an obstacle is detected., luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.